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Software Develop

Do you need a software that does not exist on the market?
Or a management software tailored to your specifications?
A fast data base where to store Terabytes of data?
Do you want to communicate real-time with industry devices on the field?
Want to monitor your plant's production?
Are you a telephone operator and do you need to handle billing?


Do you want to move some of your servers to cloud safely?
Do you want to build a shared infrastructure among your offices?
Do you want to secure traffic between your devices?
Do you need to centralize resources but do you care about confidentiality?
Need an Offsite Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

IT Sysadmin

Do you want to equip your company with new servers?
Do you want a modern and secure WIFI system?
Do you want to have advanced virtualization systems?
Do you want to migrate services from Windows to Linux?
Do you need to have a Secure, Fast, Secure Email Server? Do you need to consider Cluster Systems for your Business Continuity?


Do you care about the security of your infrastructure?
Do you have 50,000 users to surf the internet?
Do you want to create a CA to issue 3 million certificates?
Do you have to protect your webservers with Rereverse Proxy SSL?
Do You Need to Balance the Load of your Infrastructure?
Do you want a fast DNS firewall tool for your PC's PCs?
Do you need an anti-fraud system for your Public Switchboard?


Do you have a field of application of the Blockchain?
Do you think widespread notary can change the world?
Want to implement smart contracts in your business?
Do you want to support the Ethereum ecosystem with your initiative?
Do you want to provide cryptovalute-based services?

Industrial Automation

You need to connect field devices in Industry4.0 mode?
Do you have to monitor hundreds of devices in real time?
Do you want to transform old devices (ModBus, RS485, etc) in IoT?
Do you want remote control on the field?
Do you have a geographic network of devices to supervise?
Do you have to handle Bizerba, Mettler, Ishida or Prisma?

Do you have any (good) ideas?

Our best solutions are born with the help of our partners.
You might have a good idea and we might be able to achieve it.
If you would like to send us your presentation to [email protected] , we can evaluate it.
Partnership, Joint Venture, Collaborations ... we may discuss it ...